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With the stiff competition in thepersonal car segment in the world, the automobile companies are  positioning and penetrating in the market. Changesin demographic, social-culture and economic factors contribute to theheterogeneity and diversity in the car market.

The diverse behavior of theconsumer can be observed in purchase and use. Exploring consumer behavior inpersonal car segments across different fuel categories of  Kanpur and Lucknow helps the marketers tocomprehend the factors that led to the consumer decision making. Thisstudy demonstrated how different factors are responsible in consumer decisionmaking and how different variables which includes four P’s of marketing,demographic, social-cultural factors,  valueadded features aspired by the consumers help in choosing in decision making.According to Peter and Oslon (2002) stated that most researchers accepted thatattitude represents favourable or unfavourable feelings towards te object .  Attitute is formed on the basis of person’sexperience with the object and an object is required to form an attitude.

Variables in the research model were discussed in the study and how most ofthem help in influencing and changing consumer decision making. Consumer’sbuying behaviour changes due to rising competition and different strategiesused by marketers to tap the customers and serve them better. In terms ofchoosing fuel category across personal car segment , consumer perception ofSERQUAL was also used to determine actual vs perceived satisfaction on thebasis of the variables chosen in the study. The study also included value addedfeatures aspired by the consumers in their decision making while chosing a car.The results of the study can be used bythe academicians for further research and by marketers in framing marketingstrategies to tap the potential market and identify factors that are consideredwhile taking decision.