Wizard of Earthsea Body Paragraph Essay

In the beginning of the book Ged’s pride and arrogance is apparent immediately.

The first major showing of this is when he first looks through Ogion’s spells to find a spirit spell to show off for the daughter of the King. Next, Ged left Ogion because he did not believe he was teaching him enough. Ged thought that he deserved more and was too good to learn at the slow pace. This all backfires when in the process of once again trying to prove his dominance and “expertise” releases a deadly shadow over the land. After coming out of his seeming forever lasting coma, Ged’s personality seemed as if it had changed like night and day.Early on Ged was described as a, “Prideful powerful child”(3) we all know this suits Ged very well. He didn’t even know the girl that he was trying to impress but he still felt like he had to show off.

This is a prime example of where Geds pride and arrogance show through the little maturity he has. While snooping through Ogions spell book Ged finds a little drawing of some sort of animal in the corner. Which leads to the next example. The shadow. Ged left Ogion because he felt as if Ogion wasn’t teaching him these mighty spells he thought he could control.Ogion then gave Ged the choice either to leave him or stay as he stated, “This is definitely part of the problem with you, pride, if you think you’re awesome and others don’t, you end up doing stupid things to prove them wrong”(27)Ged young unmatured mind, Ged picked to leave. What Ged didn’t realize is that Ogion wasn’t trying to teach him spells, but to teach him life lessons such as patience and how to control his powers and keep his pride under control.

Which clearly Ged failed all three. As Ged as matured through trial and error, he has clearly looked back on his less than ideal choices.