Girlhood math and science. Much of the education

Girlhood represents a state of being a girl between the ages of 4 -16. It is important to focus on girlhood during the Victorian era and present day in Britain because the knowledge of women in the past can help transform the future. Research shows that the conditions of these two generations are different. It is evident that there is a long way to go before women will have the same opportunities as men. Issues that are present in the Victorian period and modern time can be compared to help the reader understand why equality has not yet been accomplished.

To compare the way girls dress, the education they receive, and their attitude towards marriage and motherhood can broaden our knowledge of girlhood. Dress During the Victorian Period the ways girls dressed was down to men. Young girls, like their mothers, wore long dresses that covered their entire bodies. The fabric was. Girls usually sewed their own clothing. Accessories included hats, gloves, umbrellas and fans, which were used when a mother and daughter wanted to impress society. For girls, ages 4-9, the structure of their dresses included a small bow, or tie located about heart level.

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This design accented a small bust and long torso. For older girls, ages 10-18, the clothing accented a small waist and feminine body. And of course this design followed into womanhood. Certainly the fashion of the older girls was aimed for male satisfaction. Money, appearance and dress determined a girls social status. This issue is still present in modern day. Society is not ashamed of the lower class, however, regrets to acknowledge it. Furthermore, the media persuades girls of all classes to wear a popular brand shirt to impress their peers rather than telling girls what the male-dominant society asks them to wear.

Girls are able to wear tank tops, comfortable shorts and shoes as everyday wear. The fabric is made of cotton or spandex. And it is durable and comfortable, a trait that many girls like. And yet the amount of education that a girl receives contributes to her social status and happiness. Education Children in Victorian England were educated in many different ways-or not at all depending on their sex and their parent’s financial circumstances, social class, religion, and values. Clearly, boys were getting opportunities to enjoy life rather than being told what their status and profession was.

For girls, society stressed the importance of domestic education, such as etiquette, child-rearing and housekeeping. Basically, these jobs were to take care of the husband and children. Women were taught to be good wives to workingmen and to be good mothers to the next generation of the workforce. Girls that were able to attend schools did not study with boys. Girls learned recipes, while boys studied math and science. Much of the education offered in girls’ private schools was of a very low standard. Also, there was no integrated teaching.

Girls learned from women and men taught boys. A college education appealed to older boys and the wealthy. Truly, girls were already looked upon as a lower class in this time period. Nevertheless times have changed. Now girls and boys are taught the same subjects in the same classrooms. Girls are no longer pressured to study stereotypical female disciplines. And society now accepts a male teacher to teach boys and girls. In the college level, girls are supposed to be able to perform the same duties as their fellow classmates.

Also, there are organizations that make sure women are being treated equally in schools. For example, on the American Association of University Women website, it states Promoting education and all equity for women and girls . It is a relief to know that organizations are aware that women have come a long way in education but there is still is more to be done. On a side note, since girls can study intellectual subjects, women in turn can have jobs that involve science, math and many other technical jobs. Since college education is being stressed, the age and attitude of marriage has changed.