Women preparing food for their husband for

Women StereotypesWomen SereotypesMedia puts a mindset to everybody that the human mind falls into following.. exaples are stereotypes.

These stereotypes are mostly seen in commercials, movies, Videogames etc…Women belong at home/kitchenA very common example of a women stereotype is that women belong at home or kitchen they shouldn’t be involved in a manly conversation they shouldn’t be able to go to work they must be at home preparing food for their husband for when he arrives home and they need to be ready when the men feels that he needs some pleasure time. For example when you see a commercial of food you rarely see a male cooking in the commercial you see a female almost every time. Or when you see a commercial on cleaning products you always see a women cleaning the house or washing the laundry you never see a men cleaning the house in a commercial.There is an ad that promotes this stereotype in this sexist commercial you can see a man describing a females day but in his tone of word he is making fun of her saying how much time she spends at home and what she does everyday.https://www.

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youtube.com/watch?v=STnwVtvuQX8&t=30sToday we all know that a women is capable of going to work like a man is capable of doing the housework. There are women today that are more successfull than most man by going to work everyday so this stereotype is literally wrong about womens abilities of what they should be doing and their role in a relationship.Angelina Jolie is an example of someone that is capable of going out and work movies and makes more money than most men in the world. She became successful for starring in many different and popular movies of today and is the opposite of what this stereotype say about women.http://www.

imdb.com/name/nm0001401/?ref_=nv_sr_1Women are bad driversAnother stereotype for woman is that women are bad drivers this is a myth created by men to have something to make fun of to a women, for example if you see a car parked wrong on the street the media creates the fact that a women was driving or the caption saying “Must Be A Women” or “Yes, Its A Women”There is this mind set on male that if there is an accident with a car or something went wrong in the street they say that the driver was a female. You have to be honest that if you are a male this situation came up in your mind and you made many jokes about it.I managed to find some commercials from the 50s that promote/agrees with this stereotype for example this car tire commercial called the “POLYGLAS”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M-KAINtPsoWe all know that some women can be a much better drivers than a male.

From calculations that where made shows that 80% of accidents that kill or seriously injure pedestrians are caused by males not females, that is a very big example that disagrees with this stereotype.An example that disagrees with this stereotype is this test on taxi users, where a female turned out to be their taxi driver for the day and there is a particular man in this video arguing that they sent him a female driver, saying that she can’t drive fast enough to get on time where he needs to go. As part of this experiment this women was hired, she is known for her professional car racing/driving experience, After a few minutes she showed him how she really drives. When the ride was over the man and all the other taxi users where all speechless.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH_bVk3T-pk