Women’s History Assignment Essay

Women’s History Essay Assignment

As your newly elected governor of the State of Colorado, my first order of business is to inform you of an  important issue facing women today in our work place.  This issue “Women’s Financial Equality,” is of concern in our Colorado workplaces.  Currently, economic inequality exists between many of our workers.  It is my contention that there should not be any sex-based wage discrimination between men and women, or for women of color, if these individuals work in the same establishment and perform the identical job while holding the same qualifications.

My administration will investigate and gather data on the implications concerning the wage differences between men and women.  We will also seek to determine how these economic differences affect the future of women as they age.  My newly appointed cabinet has been compiled of women from the Colorado Women’s Coalition, among other valuable members.  These individuals will report directly to me, as your governor and I will oversee their actions. All of the data resulting from these investigations, as well as details of the investigations themselves, will be made public knowledge.  These data and details will be easily accessible on our newly designed website, entitled: Governor Glivar’s reformed act on Financial Equality for Women in Colorado.

As part of the investigative process, I have identified several matters of concern in regard to the issue of economic inequality.  These issues are as follows:

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1.      White women in Colorado make only 23 cents to the $1.00 earned by white men of the same job classification, despite holding the same qualifications and credentials.

2.      Evidence also exists that women of color receive less pay than white women do for equal work on jobs that require equal skill, effort and responsibility.

3.      These wage differences influence our future retirement of the women of Colorado, both in terms of the time at which they are able to retire and their quality of life following retirement.

These issues are not restricted to importance concerning the needs of women.  Economic inequality eventually affects everyone, particularly in terms of elder care and in terms of the tax base.  That is why it is important that within any organization it is necessary to ensure that economic classifications between men and women do not differ.  Not only should financial compensation be equivalent, but business organizations should also provide an even ratio between women and men in high-powered positions.

As your governor, I have proposed a bill that would offer a five-year tax credit to all of Colorado’s businesses that will take action on bridging the wage standards between men, women, and women of color. The offer of this tax credit would be limited, however, as it would be given with the understanding that women and men will only be covered if they meet the same qualifications and credentials. In addition, this tax credit bill would not be retroactive; its provisions will only cover those organizations that take action before the bill passing. In its current form, this proposed tax credit bill has the support of both men and women of the state House of Representatives.

My second bill is currently under consideration by the state Senate (House of Representatives?).  This bill consists of two parts. The first initiative of this bill is to enforce the equality of wage earnings between men and women in the same job classifications, who hold the same qualifications and credentials. The second initiative of this bill states that organizations must have equal number of women in high-powered jobs as men.  Both men and women will need to be equally qualified to do the job and must have equal credentials.  To meet these initiatives, I will appoint a task force to review the organizational charts of companies doing business in the State of Colorado.  This task force will enforce the mandate of these bills.  In addition, this task force will direct all of their findings to me and will be accountable to me, your governor.

As your governor, I encourage all organizations to meet with me in an informal forum to discuss women’s financial issues in our Colorado workplace.  This forum will consist of several open meetings, which take place over the next few weeks.  In addition, I would like to encourage all women to join me on the steps of the State Capital for a rally on Women’s Financial Equality on August 27, at 7 am.

As the Governor of the State of Colorado, I want to assure all women of our state that I will make it my personal goal to seek out equality for your financial future.  I thank you for your time and for your support.