Word as a date, the receiver’s address,

Word count:


The text is
a hybrid of Part 1, language and communities and Part 2, language and campaigns.
Through this task, I understood that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish
whether something is racist or not.

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The first
paragraph introduces the issue concerning the advertisement. The second
paragraph acknowledges the company’s viewpoint to promote mutual trust and
understanding. The third and fourth paragraphs describe the history behind the slur
“monkey” and the use of it today. The fifth paragraph depicts the possible consequences
the advertisement may have. In addition to the consequences on people “This
promotional image will most likely offend many”, the text also addresses the economic
consequences on H “A mass boycott may even take place” to further
convince them to revise the advertisement. The sixth paragraph reminds that in
spite of all, the company should not fear using minority models. The last
paragraph concludes with the solution.

The text
contains characteristic features of a letter such as a date, the receiver’s
address, and the sender’s address, signature, and name. The letter is
structured as follows: the issue, history, addressing counter-arguments, the effects
of the advertisement, and solution.

The Written
Task is a letter of complaint to H about their controversial promotional
image featuring a black child modelling a sweatshirt that says “Coolest Monkey
in the Jungle”. Even though it has already been taken down from their websites
and an apology has been issued, the text has been written as if it was just
recently uploaded, before a scandal has appeared. The text uses polite language
as it addresses the sensitive topic of racism without trying to sound bashful, since
it wants its suggestions to be considered seriously. The purpose of the text is
to convince H that the advertisement is offensive and it should be taken