Words. help provide strength to recover from

Words. One of the world’s strongest, most powerful weapon. “What you say can preserve life or destroy; so you must accept the consequences of your words”. (Proverbs 18:21). It can hurt one’s feelings or it could appease someone. Some love it, and some hate it.I believe in the power of words. Words can come in many forms. It can come in news, advice, encouragement, compliments and criticism. And I never learned the power of words till I encountered this experience. In primary 5, I had read something I had never read in my own paper before. 50. I had gotten 50 for science. I was on the brink of tears. Even though this may not be as devastating to you than to me. This “50” affected me greatly. However despite this, I seemed to have found the light out of this darkness. And that was my teacher, Mrs Ng. She came to have a few words with me. And she never failed to encourage me. Even though she always said the same few words, for instance,”Do not compare yourself with others. You are you. A special creation by God”, it never failed to give me a positive internal buoyancy. And it somehow made me have the motivation to try harder. And little did I know, with a little hard work, determination, and Mrs Ng’ words, my science results advanced by leaps and bounds. And it was through this experience did I realise and learn the power of words. Her words taught me how encouragement could provide strength to look ahead and reach for the next goal. With encouragement, the emotional tone of a tough situation can be transformed. Her words helped affirm myself and made me feel like I was appreciated and valued. And these subconsciously helped me greatly both in my academics and self(?) development. Studies have shown that positive words can help provide strength to recover from challenges and receiving compliments are as good as receiving money. However, majority of negative words can cause the most harm. Even death. However despite the fact that majority of negative words can cause harm to someone, negative words can also benefit someone! And this can done through criticism. Criticism can scar you if you let it. But if we accept it with open minds, we can improve ourselves. Think about this, if you only get compliments, you’ll never find the need to improve yourself. But with criticism, it helps us better ourselves and become a better person. This is why reasonable haters are essential in our society.  I feel that we take the power of words for granted, rarely giving compliments and encouragement, and often saying malicious things can hurt someone. I know it may not be easy, but at least we should give it a try!