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Work force diversity Similarities and differences among employees in terms of age, culturalbackground, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, sex, andsexual orientationRead more: Technological trend Consists of sets of tools, applications, and processes thathelp companies control and manage business and operational performance.

Thesetools combine strategic goal setting and alignment with planning, forecasting,modeling, capabilities, analytics, and tactical reporting. Globalization Globalization refers to the tendency of firms to extendtheir sales, ownership, and manufacturing to new markets abroad.               Today, Coca-cola is one of the most well- known beverage company. This company has manyproducts such as Fanta, Minute maid, Fresca, Vitamin water, Smart water, Simplyorange, and so on. Coca- cola now operates in over 200 countries with over84000 suppliers.

The most competitors of the Coca- cola company were Dr.peepers and Pepsi co.              In 1900’s,coca- cola started to globalize. Focused on causing a rise in demand for thecoca- cola brand, bottling plants were initially built in Cuba and Panama asthe US military spread to these regions. These plants verified to besuccessful, reducing shipping and delivery costs typical in these regions. Soonafter, additional bottling plants opened in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and thePhilippines.

  An organization consists of people. They are(call-centered employees, tailors, assembly workers, and managers) withformally assigned role who work together to achieve the organization’s goals. Allin it, a manager is the person who is responsible for accomplishing theorganization’s goals and who does so by managing the efforts of theorganization’s people. The manager holds the five basic management function toachieve the goals. They include planning, organizing, staffing, leading, andcontrolling. What is human resource management? Human resource management isthe process of acquiring, and compensating, employees, and attending to theirlabor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns.

     Human resource management is important to all managers.Because it will make easier to explain this by listening some of the personnelmistakes you don’t want to make while managing. For example, you don’t want·        To have your employees or company notperforming at peak capacity ·        To hire the wrong person for the job ·        To experience high turnover ·        To find employees not doing their best ·        To have your company taken to courtbecause of your discriminatory actions ·        To have your company cited under federaloccupational safety laws for unsafe practices ·        To allow a lack of training to undermineyour department’s effectiveness ·        To commit any unfair labor practicesThe manager who know that concept and techniquesclearly            can avoid mistakeslike these. Key functions of an HR professional the HR department in anycompany can be its ace in the hole, if used strategically. HR is a company’shuman resource multiplier.

The HR professional should focus on the company’sgreatest resource of all its employees. Without good employees, the bestbusiness plan and ideas will fail.