Working Outline Essay

There are various procedures behind a foster child and the steps that lead up to adoption. The parents will require services, which have lost their rights to the child or children; as well as the children who may be afraid and confused. The experience of the foster care process can be frightening. Adoption is a sensitive situation for every person involved. The adults and the children will need counseling. It is a challenge to make the transition smooth.

Creating a safe and nurturing environment for children that are innocent is of great importance. There is no way to make this easy on any child, however if the children come in contact with adults that they feel will keep them safe will improve the process. Ill. Challenges A. Division of siblings B. Children getting lost going through the system C. Abuse in foster home Agencies to assist with foster care & adoption IV. A. Child Protective Services B. Child Net C. Department of Children & Families V.

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Resources For Parents A. Parenting Classes Counseling Support Groups Children in Foster Care A. Experience verbal, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse “Counseling services can be provided by anyone who has a license to provide independent counseling services such as psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, licensed, licensed professional counselors, and licensed clinical social workers. (Martin, 201 0, p. 135).