Workplace and Campus Violence Essay

Alexa Cordova CJ 300 Current Issues in CJ Writing Project #2 October 20, 2012 Thesis Statement Workplace and campus violence unfortunately has become a bane to our nation in recent decades that may be prevented through attention to erratic behavior, detailed screenings, and stringent security measures. Erratic behavior should be closely monitored when there are increasing shifts in a person’s mood or behavior, or if a person suddenly shows signs of drug and/or alcohol abuse, it may indicate a case that should be monitored.Detailed background screenings may show that an individual has exhibited erratic behavior in the past. With improved security measures and attention to behavior that becomes out-of-character, workplace violence could be greatly deterred, if not eradicated altogether.

There are companies that specialize in training others to prevent such problems from arising. One of these companies is called Blackwater Security Consulting, LLC. Other companies that have stringent security and assessment programs are the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.

Blackwater Security Consulting, LLC target security vulnerability assessments and risk analysis for federal, state, and private industry companies. Blackwater provides protection, threat analysis, and teaches defensive tactics among many other types of services. They can be utilized to teach businesses how to deal with and avoid a particular situation which may result in violence. (businessweek. com/research/stocks/private) The Department of Homeland Security use people from across the federal government, state, local, and the private sector, to assist in maintaining security.These homeland security professionals must have a clear sense to respond to emerging threats and disasters, and their tactics and strategies can also be implemented in corporations and for campus security (http://www. dhs. gov/prevent-terrorism-and-enhance-security).

Workplace and campus violence, which has become an increasing nationwide dilemma, has recently received more attention from the public, mental health experts, and law enforcement professionals.The multiple acts that constitute workplace/campus violence are, but not necessarily limited to, all violent behavior and harassment, as well as any intimidating behavior that can result in injury, damage of property, and otherwise threaten the work environment. Bullying, stalking, domestic partner violence, physical or sexual assaults, and homicides all fall within this category (http://www. fbi. gov/stats-services/publications/law-enforcement-bulletin/january2011/workplace_violence_prevention).The workplace/school campus can become a safer, more productive place if there were certain preventive measures that would combat this ever-growing dilemma. Since there is a wide range of behaviors associated with workplace violence, there should be different types of assessments to determine if certain individuals would be prone to this type of abnormal conduct.

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