@WorldOfMusic plus delay effect. Chorus 1 00: 30-00:

@WorldOfMusic will explain the structure of dance music in general  


00: 00-00: 30 (30 seconds) 

Beginning with a 4 x 2 kick and clap seed pattern, and changed to only the synth on the second part of the intro. There is little vowel plus delay effect.  

Chorus 1

 00: 30-00: 59 (29 seconds) 

Only the synth plays the main riff, followed by the addition of clap on the second part of the chorus.  

Drop 1 

00: 59-01: 14 (15 seconds) 

The direct arrangement goes into the important part of dance music, ie drop – the moment when the listener is invited to dance with a heavy beat, a bass, and a dirty synth.  

Verse 1-2 

01: 14-01: 43 (29 seconds) 

When the vocals go in, the synth is made even more dim by replacing the sound more closed (common with filters).  

Chorus 2 

01: 43-02: 13 (30 seconds) 

Beat is removed for the first part of the chorus, followed by a more dynamic second part.  


02: 13-02: 17 (4 seconds) 

Paused for a moment to drop the drop below.  

Drop 2 

02: 17-02: 32 (15 seconds) 

The 2nd Drop is the same as the 1st Drop  

Verse 3 

02: 32-02: 47 (15 seconds) 

Verse 3 uses a synth riff from the chorus  


02: 47-03: 16 (29 seconds) 

Buildup is accented with the addition of vocals and widened with stereo effects. The arrangement gets crowded and tense and rises before entering the 3rd and largest Drop throughout the song.  

Drop 3 

03: 16-03: 32 (16 seconds) 

This drop explodes at the beginning, so it becomes part designed to make the listener experience the peak of their enjoyment.  

Chorus 3 

03: 32-03: 49 (17 seconds) 

The 3rd drop directly connects to the 3rd and last Chorus section, where all the instruments play.  


03: 49-04: 23 (34 seconds) 

Outro is made more relaxed with a more dim synth, and vocal ad libs until it reaches the end of the song. 

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