Would You Like To Work In An Open-Plan Office? Essay

Nowadays an open-plan office is a very popular form of space organisation in companies.

Many people believe that this type of offices has many challenges and disadvantages, but at the same time there is another point of view. Some of them find an open-plan office convenient and well-organized to work in. On the one hand, the main argument for open-plan offices is high productivity. You are not able to pretend that you are working because managers and senior managers are in constant contact with the staff.You are the part of a big system and the total turnover of a company depends not only on the heads of departments and the board of directors, but also on ordinary workers who are doing monotonous work all the day. Besides, things are easier for the supervisors, as everyone is in a centralized area. Moreover, communication is obviously easier between people and departments.

There is no wasted time because everyone is keeping in touch with colleagues all the time. What is more, dealing with issues and problems is much faster.This means that management system is working more quickly and issues get resolved faster, so that this leads to higher productivity. When it comes to money, open-plan offices are more economical. One centralized area is being heated, or cooled, and lighted. This means that a company saves money.

On the other hand, it goes without saying that open-plan offices are noisier than closed-plan ones. When there are several phone conversations or conversations happening at one time, it can be quite noisy in an office.What matters most in this case, employees are unable to work properly and such conditions may lessen productivity. In addition, there is little private space in this type of offices. Employees may feel uncomfortable being with their colleagues when confidential calls need to be made. Moreover, in an open-plan office sicknesses and infections can spread very quickly. Open-plan office workers suffer from colds, high blood pressure and stress.

Working in an open-plan office increases the chance of getting ill or feeling stressed.Finally, there are too many similar workplaces, so if you need to come out for something it will be very difficult to find the way back. To sum up, I would like to say that an open-plan office is not the best place to work in. From my point of view, it is impossible to work in such offices. I find it hard to concentrate while doing something important in an office.

Working in an open-plan office does not suit me. In any case, with a closed-plan office and an open-plan office, you will find supporters and people who are against both.