Writers Workshop Essay

Your assignment, to Kansi, Japan, as office manager of our International Business Relations Department, is cause for celebration! This is to inform you that although I’m I am a little late in responding to your request, I do have some experiences and advice that may interest you.

When I was on assignment, in connection with our firm in Japan, my job was to help us break into the construction business. I found it very difficult to locate a Japanese construction firmthat would act a subcontractor for us. In time, I did find a company and eventually we began to win contracts, in spite of the fact that the process was slow and frustrating.Despite the slow pace of qualifying for and winning contracts, I am optimistic with regard to expanding our business in Asian countries. In my personal opinion, an important contributing factor in our successful entrance into Pacific Rim markets is how willing we are to play the game according to Asian rules. In the event that we are willing to work from the inside and show our long-term commitment, I am positively certain that we can succeed in gaining a great majority of Asia’s construction business in the near future.On a personal level, Marcia, a few things that really helped me in communicating with the Japanese are; I learned to smile a lot because a smile is perfectly clear to everyone, I also learned to listen without interrupting, and I learned to accept blame each time a communication misunderstanding occurred.

Because you are in all probability midway between assignments,his message may take a while to catch up with you. Regardless, I congratulate you on this promotion, Marcia. It is the consensus in our office that you will be very successful in managing our Kansai office in Japan.