Writing paper for my school Essay

It was a blessing in disguise for me not getting into a medical school. I felt the same jerk as if a car running at 100 mph has been suddenly stopped. This change in momentum has provided me to rethink on my priorities in life.

Every day for the past fifteen years of my life, I aspired to become a doctor. Having put all the efforts to prove myself academically brilliant, I was leaving no stone unturned which can get me good grades. I was equally concentrating on the extra curricular activities so that all the requirements of getting into a medical school could be met. Even my personal and social life took many hits in pursuing with my aspiration. My personal statement was made to include some of my most sensitive personal issues to provide my medical application an edge.

After exerting myself whole heartedly for so many years, I was not accepted into the medical school. This led me to rethink on my goal and even on the relevance of my hard labor and sacrifices. My passion for getting into a medical school was fading away. I was left to keep trying to make sense of life. After several months of analysis, I reached the conclusion that the real issue was not the medical school but it was my passion. This period has allowed me a chance to review my goals and reprioritize them. I had become too much focused putting all my energy in just one direction. After all, life offers a huge number of outlets to vent my passion. My attitude was changed forever experiencing this epiphany.

Every single day is not the same anymore. I look forward to each day for new enriching experiences. I feel excited now doing something I love and moving forward in the direction I really want to. Life is no longer centered on success and failure but a pursuit of the really enjoyable things.

Some great cherished moments have been experienced over the last several months. I teach the MCAT preparatory course and can personally relate to their nervousness and tension. It is not unusual doing my favorite thing to poke fun at the MCATs and eliciting chuckle from the students. Such things make them laugh, relax and make them willing to participate in class and even ask questions on different topics. Other favorite activity involves assisting my father in our family business, a retail dollar store. My part is manifold which includes customer service, making them feel welcome and help meeting their specific needs with cherry picking our merchandise. We have succeeded in expanding our retail business and planning to open another store.

Words are not enough to describe those intense emotional feelings that I experience when I achieve to apply my theoretical medical knowledge practically to produce a real life impact on myself and others. As an EMT-b I received training on basic techniques such as CPR and splinting. The pursuit of learning and understanding the techniques and procedures of an EMT-b was a fascinating endeavor in itself. I can relate this feeling to doing experiments and synthesis in the laboratory. However the experience of using these techniques in real life scenario such as a respiratory arrest or a motor vehicle crash is almost overwhelming. It is surprising to see that the bookish stuff learnt during my preparation which I considered useless can actually have so much impact in real life emergency.

The moral lies in finding passion in everything we do to lead a meaningful life. I have discovered the multitudes of paths which can be taken for the successful future.

However, I feel there is something missing in my life. The harder I try concealing my passion to become a physician, the stronger it gets. I am still very emotionally inclined to master the art of healing and enhance the skill set with my own real life experiences.

All ailments have some combination of physical and mental impact. I believe that I can very well balance the two on becoming a physician. It will ensure that passion does not fade away with the hardships and survive in the minds and souls of people.

Medicine cures a man and brings a positive change in his life and family. I want to stop any disease which stifles people from pursuing their passion. My aim is to help people mitigate the effects of their adverse medical conditions which thwart them from getting ahead in life.

I strongly feel that learning and practicing medicine is one way I can contribute to make that happen in this hopeful world.