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Wyell WoodsArtComparison of art pieces12/4/17This art piece is called Vessels of Genealogies. It is by Firelei Báez, and she made this piece in 2016. It is an acrylic painting created with graphite and ink on paper. Baez is very well known for her depictions of those who move across territorial, public, and racial boundaries and are influenced by a variety of imagery from many different cultures. Her very complex and large pieces give insight to the labor-intensive processes behind them. Her work displays a certain amount of beauty and ideas of decorative elements. In this piece, she is motivating new method of living in the present and future. She is fascinated in coming up with new ways to imagine her own origins, creating very difficult and complex works that explore very particular topics of landscape, womanhood, and race. Baez integrates hairstyles, textiles and tattoos into her large-scale paintings, examining the ways in which cultural identities are largely excluded from popular culture. This work is affected by a big number of images from different cultures, including approaches from Persian miniature painting, research on the female body and subjective and science fiction. I think that she is trying to tell a story to help visitors connect to her experiences as an individual who migrated to the U.S. to improve her life conditions and become an American. Through the tattoos, she is expressing her difficult and complex life. I think she left the face blank to let people know that anyone could have a difficult life no matter who you are. Also, I feel that this woman has very wild life and it is displayed through her wild hair. The wild hair is actually my favorite part about this piece. I love the way she made her hair curly with a circular motion in the paint. Also, i feel like her hair had a sense of motion and it is flourishing. This is displayed by the curly soft texture, and the birds in her hair. In this painting, Baez shows a dark woman with living hair. This painting is strengthening women’s identity by a lot through gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, language, class, and sexuality.This art piece called advanced beauty. This piece was made by Fernando Sarmiento and Tomas Garcia. It was made in 2008. This piece is an  continuous exploration of digital art pieces born and motivated by sound. It is an evolving mixture between programmers, artists, musicians, animators,  and architects. Pieces such as this take in unusual video making procedures, the visual programming language processing, very expensive audio critiques and smooth powerful simulations alongside with natural replies in accustomed cell animation. When I researched this piece i found out that it uses 1920 HD format with 5:1 surround sound. These films recreate the screen into a digital picture. The floating pixel gives off the feeling of an intense multicolured explosion. I think this piece represents a more futuristic version of “Vessels of Genealogies”. Her hair is trying to tell us a story. It is filled with different objects, shapes, and colors. In the first art piece, Baez used dark colors to express her sad and dark past. In this piece, Sarmiento and Garcia used bright colors to show how bright and alive her future is. There is a feeling of motion in the background. My family lived by a quote; “Let Go and Let God”. I feel like that is what this woman is going through. She is letting go of life and putting it in God’s hand. She is letting God take the wheel in life. According to the text, each digital art piece blossoms over time as a visual idea of the music that goes with it, reacting to music, movement, and other musical elements. Throughout the entire digital art piece, the music is by an English sweet design and musical studio called Freefarm, which also happens to do commercial work for a huge number of clients. Some artists working with digital motion graphics progress very easily between the design elements and the evolving field of modern media art, where digital technologies are transformed into expressive technologies. “Advanced Beauty” brings together different types of programmers, artists, musicians, animators, and architects to create digital artworks born from and influenced by sound. The project’s first collection consists of eighteen different types of video “sound sculptures”. Sources http://www.videowired.com/video/3414333208/http://www.peppermelon.tv/advancedbeauty/http://alexanderpeverett.com/index.php?/videoart/advanced-beauty/http://www.freefarm.co.uk/advancedbeauty/http://universaleverything.com/projects/advanced-beauty/https://www.gallerywendinorris.com/baez/http://museums.depaul.edu/exhibitions/firelei-baez-vessels-genealogies/http://museums.depaul.edu/exhibitions/firelei-baez-vessels-genealogies/