Xcom 285 Week 3 Essay

Essentials of Managerial Communication Markette Walker XCOM/285 4/19/2013 The technological advancements in communication that was discussed in the article was business communication through some of the latest and hottest technology available. It discussed mash ups and social computing. These forms of communication offers more users and corporate executives a effortless line of communication and a improved way to indicate messages . oth forms of communication can be used effective in my workplace environment. The wikis and the mashups both have advantages and can be used for any business type. Mashups are usually a collaboration of related information. An example would be like Yahoo maps, in which it brings together a few different mashups that link maps and photographs, with geographical locations and maps with Microsoft’s Virtual Earth. It may contain materials information sites, services, surveys, and related technology.

Wikis’ on the other hand can be altered by participants, as opposed to mashups which may or may not be. Wikis can present an active communication between participants and propose an opportunity for project collaboration that other forms of communication may restrain. A group e-mail announcement can be lost in an users busy mail box, therefore, checking into a corporate wiki, offers all of that same information and more as long as all team members use it appropriately.

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These technological advancements in communication follow what is traditionally considered business communication. The point of view depends on a companies growth of Internet technology and advancement if you ask me. The idea of new technology and communication also lies in the hands of the individual. What I have notice is for the past few years the younger our generation gets the more internet and technology savvy we are. Resources: Citrano, V. (2007, September). Superhero in the cubicle. CIO Insight, (85), 41.