XY*Reads stress and these symptoms are one

XY*Reads an Article from the internet*(sighs deeply)YS:Hi guys how are you guys doing?AL&AR:we are doing fine how about you ?YS: im doing great XY:remains quiet YS:WHats wrong xin min ?XY:i feel really sad ,my favourite k-pop singer kim jong hyun commited suicide AL:wow im sorry AR:why would he consider suicide ? YS:yeah dont you think celebrities have perfect life ?AL:not true ,yash we all are humans im sure there’s some ups and downs in all of our lifes right ?XY:thats true,people go through depression and stress and these symptoms are one of the reason people commit suicide AR:what are other reason people consider suicide as a solution ?YS: according to my research people consider suicide to escape bad situation that seems “impossible”AL:others commit suicide to escape extreme anger ,shame or guilt of something they have done XY:Some people commit suicide because they are bullied YS:yeah one of the main reason it happens in this world is people dont accept another individual their true identity ,people dont accept the lgbt community especially in our country and they make it seem like being different is a crime AL::its sad that these suicide victims have to go through these situations alone AR:yeap i cant imagine myself being in their shoesXY: it is scary but as crazy as it sounds it is the reality AL:can u imagine how would the victim’s family and friends would have feel?YS: the guilt of not being there for their loved ones?AR:losing a loved one is a horrible thing to experience XY:sometimes it sound selfish but who knows what the victim’s experiencing AL:i wouldnt call it selfish because suicide is a big desicion and people wont simply consider it YS:thats really true im sure they would feel alone, and scared but they think that suicide is an easy path to their problemsAR:the worst part about these situation is the majority of the suicide victims are really very young XY: i read that the highest rate of suicide cases are among the age of 10-24 AL:oh my! That is so young YS:oh my ,indeed but i just wished i could know the warning signs of their “suicide plan”AR:people who consider suicide usually talk about death in generalAL:some people talk about them being helpless ,worthless and feeling guiltyXY:yeah from what i’ve read ,most people find it hard to concentrate or act like their not interested in doing something their usually excited about YS:whats scary is people who experience these depression and anxiety gets hallucinationAR:yeah and not being able to sleep at night is basically a living nightmare !AL:hallucination ? what kind XY:being able to see things or mind voices to encourage them to do bad things YS:YEAP! So they consider suicide as an escape from all the disturbance AL:thats heart breaking ! i hope we could do something to overcome this problemAR:of course we can! Every little things we do can make a big changeXY:yeap but we should be smart to raise awareness because suicide is a sensitive topic YS:very true xin min we dont want to do what logan paul did dont we ? suicide is not a laughing matter AL:what would you do stop suicide AR:if i ever had a friend who’s experiencing these problems i would lend my ear to hear what they have to say XY:thats very sweet of you arish, being able to support and love ur friend is all they need when their feeling alone YS:its not very easy to talk to ur friends about these topic because some people tend to make fun or think nothing’s really seriousAR:ill make sure they know that im there for them when they need me XY:people are more open minded these days , suicide hotlines are available so people can actually talk to the professionals YS:furthermore, there’s online therapy section where people can interact with live people who are actually experiencing the same situation so people can relate for what the victims are feelingAL:really ? that is so cool where do i find that YS:the webpage is 7cupsoftea.com and i volunteered to be one of the listener(theraphist) thereXY:wow thats great you are actually taken a rasional action about the situationAR:helping people go through these situation and giving them hope to live is the best thing you could doYS:thanks guys i think you guys should participate tooAL:ill check it out when i get home AR:today was great i hope we all could hangout and bring more good changes in people’s life XY:yeah me too ! we should always PAY IT FORWARD and spread love for more positivity YS:i believe if there’s more people like us the world would definitely be a better place AL:have a nice day guys lets talk more tomorrow !AR:BYEXY:bBYEYS:ADIOS haha