Y Tu Mama Tambien Essay

Y Tu Mama Tambien is rather a unique movie, in which the director and writers did a good job in producing it to be a symbolic film.

What I find to have been the most interesting part of the movie was the role of the narrator. Throughout the course of the movie, the narrator would enter into a scene with a rather detached tone and omniscience role, by revealing truths about each character which they refuse to acknowledge or even cannot know. This coincides with the fact that everyone does have their own secrets, and it’s these secrets that make them the characters that they are in this film.Another interesting part about the narrator is that he was rather an opposite figure from the two young males, Tenoch and Julio. He sounds mature and older, while the two main characters are immature and unreasonable. Although the role of the narrator is significant because of the parallel story line of the main characters and the Mexican government, it is not what I find to be my topic of discussion today. So, rather than reviewing the roles of class and the politics behind the movie, I wanted to point out the unfair double-standard that women are trapped in, in the movie and society in general.

I did not quite enjoy watching Y Tu Mama Tambien. I felt that it depicts the role of females in society with such degradation. In the beginning of the film, we see Tenoch and Julio engaging in intercourse with their respective partners before they depart to travel to Italy for the Summer. During these scenes, talk of infidelity and being loyal arises, in which both women reassures their boyfriends that they will, indeed, not cheat on them.

However, we later come to find out that there is more at matter than just their trip away.Throughout the movie, it is brought to our attention that both Tenoch and Julio had slept with the other’s girlfriend. Initially the reaction from both men are anger, but a lot of the anger were towards the women. This was evident in the fact that they would call the girls “sluts”. I find that to be unruly and unfair because the first revelation of the unfaithfulness took place after Tenoch had slept with Luisa. Why is it justified that he had cheated on his girlfriend, but when it comes to finding out that she cheated on him, she is automatically degraded into a “slut”?I find that no matter which society you come across and study culturally, that it is standard for men to be able to act unfaithfully and it be somewhat acceptable and even admirable. Yet, in any instances, when a woman behaves in that same manner, they are casted as being “whores” or “sluts”. In the film, the act of infidelity arises when Luisa makes her moves on both Tenoch and Julio.

Both submitted to the physical interaction without much hesitation. Even after this event had taken place, there was a drunken discussion about their girlfriends having sex with “filthy” men in Italy.It seems as though in film and literature, this is a common theme.

Even if we look back on the previous poems we have read by John Wilmot, he held women to the same standards. Although he had sex with multiple women, he would degrade women for having many sexual experiences and partners. In my opinion, both men and women have the same right in their decisions about their sexual life; this should not be judged as long as the person is responsible about it.