Yael insists on going to the concentration

      12th grade

15, 2018                                                                                            
Mrs. Kondov


                                                Escape from Sobibor and Life is

history there has been many ups and downs for the Jewish people but worse from
them all was during the holocaust. The holocaust was a time during World
War II, where 6 million Jews were slaughtered in death camps by the Nazis. As well as members of other persecuted groups, such as gypsies
and homosexuals, were murdered at concentration camps such as Auschwitz. Due to
the holocaust there are some movies made from it like Life is Beautiful
and Escape from Sobibor. In the movie Life is Beautiful, a gentle Jewish-Italian waiter by the name of Guido Orefice, falls in love with a pretty Italian schoolteacher
by the name of Dora and soon wins her over with his charm and humor. Eventually
they get married and have a son named Joshua, On Joshua’s fifth birthday; World War II is in full
force. Since they are Jewish, the Germans take Joshua and Guido away to the concentration camp leaving his wife Dora behind.
Guido’s plan was to shelter his son and keep
him calm during the whole time there by pretending and telling Joshua it was
all a game in order to win points for a tank. In order for Dora to be with her
family she insists on going to the concentration camp as well. Guido soon hides
his son in a box keeping him sheltered while getting killed himself by a German
soldier. Soon the American soldiers come and free all the Jews, letting Joshua
get to see him mother at last. In the movie Escape from Sobibor, members of a resistance movement within the Sobibor
concentration camp planned an escape. The escape involved all 600 prisoners in
the concentration camp to escape and which eventually happened after hard work
of labor, only 300 from the 600 prisoners got to escape but approximately only
60 of them survived. After being in pain for so long, getting whipped and
beaten the Jews had enough and managed to find a way to escape which involved
killing half of the Nazi SS soldiers for them to be able to escape, half the
Jews were managed to escape with a total of 11 Germans getting killed. A boy by
the name of Shlomo a goldsmith had been taken in to the camps to work for the
Germans in making them knives, rings and more all with gold, the young boy
Shlomo was able to secretly make extra knives for the Jewish people to help
with their Escape from Sobibor.  On
October,14,1943 the escape has began. Two of these holocaust movies had both
their differences and similarities.

            The movie Life is
beautiful and Escape from Sobibor are both different in many ways. In
the movie life is beautiful Guido portrays the holocaust as a game with his son
in order to shelter him from all the cruelness of the camp. Whereas in Escape
from Sobibor, the main goal of it was to escape the cruelty from the camp. Life
is Beautiful is a fictional movie based on the
surrounding facts of the Holocaust. Escape from Sobibor is a true story
written by a survivor himself. In Life is Beautiful, the meaning of the
movie is showing the love and care a father has for his son, it shows how far a
father will go to show support for his son and not abandon him even through the
hardest time. It allowed you to feel the emotion the father is going through
and still faking it as if it is all okay for the son to keep calm. The most
meaningful part of this movie is the conversations between the father and son
and how they show such love and care for each other. This movie was written
from a personal story from a particular family in the holocaust whereas Escape
from Sobibor was how the whole holocaust was in general, describing how
everyone felt and what everyone went through. In the movie Escape from
Sobibor it showed some really horrific and glorious parts of the holocaust
that no one should ever wish to experience. Some glorious parts in the movie
that they showed were Jews getting killed left and right, getting whipped,
stabbed. It even showed Jews getting whipped by Jews who where defined as
kappa’s, Jews that helped the Nazis kill the Jews. Escape from Sobibor
was where all the Jews depended on themselves it was each man for himself were
as to Life is Beautiful where the father did everything that he could to
save his son. Comparing the two movies, Life is Beautiful had less
graphic images than Escape from Sobibor, in Escape from Sobibor the
Jews were seen killed one by one, beaten and whipped. Jews were even told to
pick a partner to get shot with, even though some Jews denied doing that the Germans
gave them no choice but instead threatened them by killing more of them if the Jews
did not want to pick a partner.  The two
movies differ by the time zones during the holocaust as well, Escape from
Sobibor happened during World War II in the middle of the war where the Jews
decided a random escape knowing the fact that no one would help them out. Life
is Beautiful took place closer to the end of the war, when in the end the American
soldiers had come to rescue the prisoners at the time.

                Both Life is Beautiful and Escape
from Sobibor are similar by both being holocaust movies and both trying to
escape the concentration camps. Both movies portrayed the camps as very harsh
and looking for a way to escape as soon as possible. In both movies the two
strongest characteristics shown is survival and hope. All the prisoners were
taken away from their homes, put on trains heading to the camps; no one knew
what was going on. The Jews were forced to go on the trains and forced to leave
their bags behind while getting beaten to the floor and dragged around like
dogs.  Whether they liked it or not, the
Jews had no say in anything. Both camps in both movies had gas chambers, had barracks,
and had SS soldiers next to every gate watching every step a Jew takes. When
the Jews had arrived to the camps the Germans made women and men separate in to
two lines, women and children on one side and men on the other, the elderly
Jews and children that could not work have been taken up to the gas chambers
known as “showers” to be killed immediately. In both cases this was done
because of irrationalism and racism.

               The holocaust was a tragic and
horrifying time for the Jewish people. Many were beaten; slaughtered to death
or killed for no reason. During this time period 6 million jews had died just
being Jewish. The two holocaust movies, Escape from Sobibor and Life
is Beautiful have many similarities and differences on different topics. In
the end luckily some managed to escape and survive the death camps  which lead all the survivors to spread their
experience of the holocaust to us which in today’s day is presented by films,
books and interviews that allow our community to get a sense of what happened
during this time period.