Yes. level of responsibility will vary because

Dr. Adewale Troutman says that he promotes individual responsibility, but
always within the context of social determinants. In the film on the social
economic status and health, he links the two because in the life we live, every
person has a choice to take responsibility of his or her health, but some
individuals in the society do not have the resources to do it. In order to
achieve a healthy behavior, it is not always possible in certain locations and
places for many families. The social determinants of a healthy a get in the way
of individual responsibility.

any failure to acknowledge and appraise individual responsibility in a decision
to increase support for people with blood pressure, obesity, and other disease
policies can undermine the positive impact, across the people’s lives. Every
individual has a social economic status which cannot be removed unless the
government comes in.

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In the
video, individuals exposed to stories that explicitly acknowledges individual
responsibility, while emphasizing social determinants of blood pressure,
stress, and obesity and other diseases, have higher levels of support for the
disease policies. This is because those who are exposed to the high individual
responsibility narrative are more likely to counter argue the story than those
exposed to a decision that does not acknowledge individual responsibility.

exclusively on individual responsibility leads to public reactance, in turn,
undermines support for policies to reduce rates of diseases and infections. If
we are too much on individual’s role in good health care, we seem to miss the
point. Individuals are different in terms of age, education, and experience.
The level of responsibility will vary because the status is different. There is
those with good money in our country meaning they will have a healthy diet.
Like in the United States, everything is about GDP growth. If you contribute to
the growth of the economy you are an important factor to the economy, however,
there are those who are low on the dollar and any change may be difficult.

The low
economic status will lead to the individual to be in much thinking as to
reasons why he or she can’t live good life automatically leading to stress and
will not live a happy life. The video fails to incorporate this, type of work
and only compared salary and the distance to work. People in any state will go
to the low-end wages since most are manual and improves physical fitness.

It’s a good film with lots of
learning on individual responsibility and social determinants of health.