You most in society! To really back

You are walking down the street with your friends, talking to
each-other when you see a colossal huge mansion with three Lamborghinis and two
other Ferraris at the front, and two huge swimming pools behind the back. You and
your friends decide to take a picture with the cars then suddenly a flashy
figure appears out of nowhere, wearing an expensive Rolex watch, top designer
brand clothing that costs unimaginable amounts, flashy shoes and the person is
holding an expensive wallet. You don’t know who the person is so you go ask
them and the person says, “I’m a footballer playing for Leeds. How come you
don’t know me?” At this point you are shocked as you thought this person was a
big celebrity or is the chairman of a very large cooperation. You then decide
to walk away in shock.

Many people think that there is too much money going to
football players and clubs. On average, a full-time worker in the
United-Kingdom gets approximately around £27,600 a year, but the average footballer
in the Premier League gets around £44,000 a week or £2.288 Million a year! How
is that fair? I think it is blatantly obvious that footballers get paid way too
much in unimaginable amounts. The Professional Footballer’s Association (PFA)
say that in around 1960, a top England football player would earn on average,
around £1,700 a year in wages, bonuses and international match fees. Nowadays,
due to price inflations etc. It would equate to around £75,000 a year (now how
much an average Premier League footballers earn in a week.)

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Soldiers going out there in hellhole saving lives and serving
their countries are earning way less than an average Premier League footballer,
doctors doing life-saving operations and helping hundreds of citizens each day,
firefighters facing emotional exhaustion, gushing through the fires, saving
lives yet again and you would think that these people would earn the most in

To really back up my claim and show you that these footballers
really earn an unimaginable amount of money each year, here are some of the
footballers wages for example, Cristiano Ronaldo (a Portuguese footballer who
plays for a Spanish club called Real Madrid) makes around (from salary/winnings)
$52 million a year not including endorsements ($28 million)! Wayne Rooney (an
English footballer who plays for an English club called Everton) earns around
$18 million a year not including endorsements! I mean, for just running around
a pitch kicking a pointless ball, how is that justifiable?

However, you have to count the fact that these footballers
have talent, went through hundreds of hours of training, playing football since
they were very young and you have to count the fact that footballers generally
have very short careers that usually last about 15 years, but are cut short by
injury. In other jobs you work about 40 years and then acquire a pension at the
end. But since footballers earn unimaginable amounts per year they would have
earned enough to last them throughout their entire life anyways!

Also, many fans think that without the ridiculous wages that
footballers earn, they wouldn’t be there at all in the first place! Believe it
or not, some footballers are there just for the money and don’t actually care
about the loving game that everyone loves! Without them, big companies such as
BT and Sky Sports wouldn’t have enough the money to stream the football games
and many fans would be disappointed and football wouldn’t be the number one
sport in the world. Out of the blue, some footballers are generous enough to
donate a huge amount of their wages to charity which is why not everyone are
against them receiving ridiculous amounts.