You will rest safe and secure, filled with hope and emptied of worry Essay

“You will rest safe and secure, filled with hope and emptied of worry”
– Job 11:18(See “Job 11:18”, Holy Bible New King James Version).

Hopelessness is the state of affording no reason for hope; the state of despair where in the individual can not find any cure to the situation or problem he/ she has. This is the time when an individual sees a great need for himself and no one else can help him through. He has no one standing by with him, to help him solve a certain problem or to escape on a circumstance.

            Many people lose hope when they are being pressed and crushed down, with their total dignity being destroyed. When they feel that nobody deserves them and that no one wants to sympathize with them. This is the time when an individual is totally devastated and their sense of self is being taken away from them.

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            Some people have different reactions when they lose hope. Some of them are just so relax and not that totally affected, but there also some individuals who can not take it. These individuals then resort to committing suicide, because for them it is already the end of the world; that they will no longer see the sun shine again in the future.

            People with Cancer and other fatal diseases, are a few only that experiences hopelessness. Especially if they are already diagnosed having a terminal cancer, this is irreversible and will lead to death eventually. The families of the concerned individuals are also affected by this. Having hope and being so hopeful in this case is very useless. It is very evident that nothing can ever cure a terminal or Stage 4 Cancer.

            Hopelessness can never be dictated but can be chosen. Meaning, nobody can ever dictate you to lose your hope but it will only be your choice whether to be hopeless or to continue to be hopeful amidst the circumstances that will on your way. It is a matter of choice. To choose to see the other side of the coin of the circumstance you have or too focused and magnify the problem and be emotionally overwhelmed by it. One can never be blame for being hopeless. These hopeless people need a deeper understanding and most of all a strong emotional support.

            Hopelessness leads to emotional disaster. Your emotions are being attacked when you are hopeless. You see things on a gloomy and dark side already. Your face will suddenly be sullen and you think that even after a second or after a minute something unlikely would happen. Sometimes, people who are hopeless experiences dilemma and are often times paranoid. They are very sensitive into whatever people say and do. So, when someone you know is evidently hopeless, you should be very careful towards the things that you say and do for him / her because he/she will definitely misunderstand it (See“What does the Bible say about Hope?”, GotQuestions.Org).

            We should never step on those hopeless individuals. They greatly need our support and care. In specific times of their lives, these are those moments where they need someone to guide them and help them reflect or ponder on things that could greatly help them gain back their hope. During these times what we need most is God, His wisdom and strength.

            In the passage, it says that we should always have hope. We should never lose the hope that God has already granted to us. God wants us to be free from emotional baggages but if we choose to be desperate then He can’t do anything with it. God will always be our hope, the source of our strength. When we think that everything is impossible, we must believe that with Him all things are possible. He can heal our diseases, illness no matter how complicated they are. We should keep our faith strong and believe that God is not a man that He should lie and that He keeps His promises. He is ever so faithful, if we just keep still and know that He will be the one to take care of everything. Just like in the life of Job, he experienced different kinds of suffering, but he remained faithful in serving God because he knows that God is able to deliver him out from that suffering (See “Job 11:18”, Holy Bible New King James Version).


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