Your The Most Annoying Person Essay

The teacher just asked the classroom a question and the person behind you has her hand raised to answer it. You can’t see her but maybe if you would have been polite and raised your hand she wouldn’t feel so bad that you answered the question because you were called on and didn’t call out. Your Loud For No Apparent Reason Where is your inside voice? If It’s nowhere inside you, then there is a problem. Don’t yell to your friends about what happened this weekend between you and your boyfriend, Not only are you off task but because you are so loud everyone in your class know what happened and are disgusted by it .

Overtime You Speak You Get Dirty Looks You’ve already proved to your classmates that your annoying so now every time you are even noticed in their presence they look like they want to barf. If you don’t want to be that kid then I would advise you not speak at all, just get your work done and get out of the class. You Click Your Pen Back and Forth If you grab a pen and click it back and forth, you are the worst. There’s not much more to say about this. Clicking it the one time you have to click it is enough.

Don’t keep clicking it to get on your classmates nerves You Smack Your Gum Smacking your gum is very annoying and if you’re the most annoying person in the classroom you probably do this all the time. It may be a habit or something to you but to everyone else it’s so aggravating that when you do this they grit their teeth to stop from smacking you in your face. You’re Never Prepared For Class You Ask Questions That Have Already Been Answered The teacher have just went over everything you will need for the test You Ask Others For Their Work To Copy

Use your imagination here. Your class just went over the study guide for a test and are told to study the packet for the rest of the class. Because you were not paying attention you have just asked the person sitting in front of you for her packet so you can copy. You might think its okay but she doesn’t. Basically, pack away your delusions of grandeur and try to behave in a cooperative fashion. If you didn’t spring for a ticket upgrade, don’t expect a superior, personalized flying experience. You Pick At Your Body Around Tons Of People

One of the worst conceivable places to lose your inhibitions in a sea of SKY Y vodka is on a flight. You’re packed in a metal tube, where boozed-up conduct that would, at worst, garner an eye roll on the ground could easily attract the attention of federal authorities. Yell and use profanity in your local watering hole? You’ll be asked to leave. Yell and use profanity at 30,000 feet? You’ll face a police escort and disorderly-conduct charges in federal court. You Try To Talk To Your Peers Quietly Even Though You’re Not Supposed To Be Talking At All