Your Unique Contribution to Our School Essay

My work as an organizational and management consultant with Mobil Oil has given me an ideal portfolio of professional and personal skills to bring to business school. During my time with the firm, I have used a wide range of tools, concepts and theories to help teams analyze problems, develop solutions and build action plans. On a regular basis, I help teams clarify their values to determine the roles and responsibilities of each member.By sharing my practical experience in organizational and management consulting, including my focus on the impact of a company’s leadership, culture and politics on its success, I will provide an original perspective during class discussions. With my multicultural background, I will also bring a wealth of team building experience in which members have different nationalities, styles, expectations and reward systems. After years of international business travel, I am comfortable in any work or social environment.

As a result, I am able to recognize and use individual differences and cultural norms to motivate team members. By building ethical relationships based on honesty, trust, respect and cooperation, I have built several high performance teams at Mobil Oil, and I plan to do the same at Harvard Business School. Throughout my diverse experiences, I discovered that my consulting and technical tools are only successful in an environment of honesty and trust.For managers and employees to achieve a common objective, they must be willing to build ethical relationships in which all parties share their concerns, dreams and honest opinions. Without exception, all of the intangible strengths of a great team, including creativity and cooperation, depend on open communication. As a result, I am passionate about creating an environment that nurtures these strengths.

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I pride myself on developing teams that are strong enough to handle the pressures of large egos, conflicting agendas, external resistance and negative feedback. I am excited about the possibility of using my skills to advance the entrepreneurial plans of my fellow students. Once team members are committed to achieving a common goal, and are confident that they have the unconditional support of their peers, the possibilities for collaborative innovation are limitless.