Your University Life Essay

My University life… although there are bad things and sad things, but in a nutshell, I can say my university life is happy. I have two reasons why I think my university life is happy. First reason is a club activity. Since I was a freshman, I have been active in two clubs. One is a C.

C, computer club and another is internet broadcasting club BUT. Above all, the good thing about club activities is meet new people and areas of interest for studying.Through the computer club activity, I was participate in soc robot wars competition, Although I was not get a good results in the competition(such as tournament), but it was good time to know my major deeply; information computer engineering. And through the internet broadcasting club activity, I met my beloved friend who I want to be with. Second reason is I had a valuable experience in various fields during University. I have many opportunities to gain experience. My first valuable experience is study abroad.

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As a matter of fact, I was chosen as study abroad programs a two year ago and I was able to study abroad in Japan and Hong Kong. This is because the university offers us various international study abroad programs. And my second valuable experience is internship. I worked as an intern for the Hyosung construction. Although Hyosung construction internship is nothing to do with my major, but it was good chance to learn real work at the office and meet networking sources who can eventually lead them to other jobs.But as the saying goes ‘You will always have the bad as well as the good in the world.

’ There are bad things during university life. For example, I did not earn enough credits to graduate because I am not interested in study at that time and before when I was college sweethearts, after broke up, Ex-girlfriend and I share an uneasy relationship and so on. However I think these bad things are also part of my university life and the past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present. So I think my university life is happy.