Youth Culture Observation Essay

My observations were done from a mixture of cultural and economic backgrounds. I observed from the North Lake Mall and a low economic country and my local church. The behaviours of the teens ranged from merriment loving. giddy to silly. They about ever were in a group runing from two to six people in a group. The kineticss of the groups I thought were challenging because the bulk of them were split based on gender.

The group was either all male or female. I seldom saw a mixture of the two.The few occasions that they were assorted I was unable to find if there were any “couples” so to talk. They all appear to every bit interact with one another. Yes there was the usual female reaction and organic structure linguistic communication when engaged with a male and frailty versa for males merely they seems to be level line in their outward emotions towards the misss.I truly had to read the organic structure linguistic communication to see the natural reaction toward the opposite sex. They did hold gestures such as running fingers through their hair and swaying somewhat back and Forth when they talked to a miss.

They did non do direct oculus contact which I besides noticed in general about the teens. There was direct oculus contact when a conversation appeared to be unfriendly.The manner of frock for the young persons varied and seems to hold a statement of its ain. every bit good as. independent and alone.

Example. some of the misss would have on legings with their short skirts. Some wore legings under their trunkss. ( Really abruptly ) Other misss wore short skirts with thigh-hi socks.The places for the misss were non like those of the immature grownups being stilettos but they were glammed up shimmering calf hello gym shoes with lacings and buckles. The bulk of the misss I observed wore tight adjustment and uncovering tops or skirts. The contrast to that were the male childs with their loose adjustment to drooping bloomerss and some wore scraggy denims. The male childs besides wore chiefly tee shirts with athleticss memberbila on them.

outsize jumpers and expensive gym shoes.I besides observed at of tattoos on the misss more than the male childs. ( That’s a switch from past society norm ) They all had cell phones and normally earpieces in their ears yet they seem to still pass on verbally and nonverbally with each other. They all were texting I don’t believe I of all time saw one of them really speak on the cell phone. Facial looks seem to be another manner to signal or pass on.

When they communicated verbally it frequently were in short uncomplete sentences. It sounded more like the nomenclature you would anticipate to hear at an IT Seminar. I did hear the standard young person civilization linguistic communication such as “My Bad-my error. OMG-oh my gosh or oh my God. Crunk-a cross between loony or rummy.Sick-cool or amazing.

Tight-close in relationship. Dope-cool or amazing. Hater-someone who hates everything or pessimistic. teens don’t want to be around them. Bounce-to leave. BFF-Best Friend Forever and Chilli’n-relaxing. ” However there were three words I heard that I had no thought what they meant so I went to the cyberspace for a definition.

The words are as follows: Tool= stupid or geek. Tope= cross between tight and pot and Wanksta= a individual seeking to move tough but is non drawing it off.In my observation a few things began to stand out to me. every bit good as. God’s corrections for me.

First how unambiguously different they are and want to be from society norm. yet they still want to be accepted. Second how much of a byproduct their manner of frock. behaviour. sexual undertones and overtones are influenced by the grownup media and their ain civilization.Third and most of import is how God is demoing me teens as lost psyches seeking to happen their manner to a way that makes sense out of a helter-skelter universe.

God is besides doing me to non merely see them as teens and think ; “oh they are merely different” but to inquire myself. what makes them move different? What’s on their heads or disturbing them? Why are they seeking to be so different? I must acknowledge that this is doing me to analyze my past ideas and current 1s to see what needs to be changed if I am to be an agent of alteration for Christ.