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While, others can’t formulate their own study habits. Studying habit is the way to study, organize, and manage the time. This report will present and analyze the studying habits of international students at Oxford Brookes university . 2.

Method The report shows the methods of studying habit of international students at Oxford Brookes University, and asking some questions to the international students at Gipsy Lane at campus did it. There are eighteen students, ten male, and eight female were interviewed on Monday forth of Aug. ome of them they are studying English university, undergraduate, and postgraduate. The questionnaire was about eight questions, and these questions are all about the students organizing for their pattern studying.

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(See chart 1) (Chart. 1) 3. Finding First, the percentage of students they were planned for their studies is 66%, although there is 34% for students they weren’t planned for their studies. On the other hand, there is a middle percentage for students that were they studied daily it were 50%. On the other side there is the same percentage for students that they weren’t studied daily.In addition, about the hours study there are some minority who they had longer hours to their studies per week. From the highest hours to shortest hours. The highest hour was 20 hours per week for female she’s studying in English university.

However their 3 students they are studied 18 hours per week, and all these students they are studying in English university. The other is not a high hour or shortest hour it’s in the middle, and one female student she’s studied 14 hour per week. Under the middle there are 2 students one male, and female they are studied for 12 hours per week. However . he shortest, and percentage above is 55%, they are three female, and seven male that they are study 10 hours per week. (See chart 2) (Chart.

2) There 66% of students while they were studied, they are using a special technique for their studies. IN addition there are 34% of students they don’t use a special technique . For the technique study they’re a majority while they studied the just read very quick, and it’s 33%. Otherwise there is 16% of students while they are studied they just use bullet point. But there are two students they just using mind map while they are studied. See chart 3) (Chart. 3) Most of students they don’t prefer for studying a home . for example, in cafe, or in English club for students who they are studying English University.

Finally there is 72% for students that they like to study with group. However the 28% for students that they don’t like study with group. 4. Conclusion To sum up, for this report about the importance of studying pattern of the international students at Oxford Brookes university.

Shows that most of the international students they have a very difference for style for their study.However, some of students they don’t have a plan for their study (The Importance of Having A Study Plan). On the other hand most of students they don’t study daily especially for students they study 10 hours per week.

Also some students they don’t have any special technique for their study. Otherwise it could have a different way for study. 5. Recommendations For students who they don’t have any special technique or don’t know how to make a planner or how to study by the right way (http://www.

brookes. ac. uk/services/upgrade/a-z. tml#mindmapping) this website shows that the best things about the reports, essays, and how to make mind mapping. There are many steps from A to Z. 6. Self-evaluation In my opinion for this report, and for this subject that i chosen i found that it is difficult to explain about the pattern study.

Because some of students they have a different way to study. About this report i was enjoyed that i had a different style for study. Because some of them had a perfect plane be fore he/she study. 7 Reference list 1- Admin (2008).

HOW MANY HOURS SHOULD YOU STUDY EVERY WEEK? http://news. everest. edu/post/2008/03/study-hours (Accessed on 13 Aug 2012) 2- Jazz, M. (November 25th, 2006) The Importance of Having A Study Plan. http://www. studyskillsblog.

com/the-importance-of-having-a-study-plan/ (Accessed on 13 Aug 2012) 3- http://www. brookes. ac. uk/services/upgrade/a-z.

html#mindmapping (Accessed on 13 Aug 2012) Word: 786 Appendices: The Importance of studying pattern of the International Students at OBU Questionnaire 1. Are you ? Male ?Female ? 2. Which course are you studying? University English ? undergraduate ? postgraduate ? 3. Are you planning your study ? Yes ? No? 4.

Are you studying on daily bases ? Yes ? No? 5. The total number of studying hours per week ? 6. 10 hours ? 12 hours ? 14 hours ? 18 hours ? If more please specify. 7. While studying are you using special technique? Yes ? No? 8. If yes which one of these technique are your preference: Mind map ? bullet point ? quick reading ? all ? other ? If other please specify…….

9. Do you like study with group? YES ? NO ?