Zombie Popularity Essay

When it comes to why zombies are so popular there are many theories. Some are about a craving for bloodshed while others are all about the human psyche. I agree with many of the explanation theories; this is because there is not one answer to why they are so popular. The theories that I have found all have one thing in common, that zombies are straight up interesting. Whether you like zombies because virtually killing things is exciting or because you enjoy exploring the unknown, the reason is still the same, because it is interesting.

Taking a step back, what is a zombie and how does one become a zombie? According to our Monster literature class notes zombies can be many different things. In Haitian tradition a zombie, usually spelled “zombi”, is a non -flesh eating, reanimated soulless body that will be used as a labor slave. This is similar to the phase “you look like a zombie” It is similar because usually this phase is said while someone is at work or school and has had a long tiring night, so they look as if they have come back from the dead to work.

Although I believe there are many reasons why zombies are so popular there is one thing that I think could be one of the main causes, people’s fascination with things they do not understand. Through out literature we see that there is not a single cause for zombies. In The Night of the Living Dead by George Romero, radiation from a fallen satellite causes dead bodies to rise from their graves and walk the streets. But, in the AMC series the Walking Dead as well as World War Z by Max brooks, the origin of the outbreak is unknown.

People enjoy exploring the things they understand least that is why we made it to the moon and why we now have cures for diseases around the world. Zombies give us something new to try and understand without having to be a top of the line scientist or an astronaut. Human nature makes us have a strong desire to find out things we do not know. Zombies being something that is yes familiar, but something that can be manipulated and changed because they are not real, it make us think and want to determine as many theories as possible to what a zombie is, how they came to be, and how to control them.

That aside, I can also say that in the economic crisis we are in zombies are also an escape, an obsession to blind on from what is really going on. The thing with that is we can use anything to distract ourselves it doesn’t have to be zombies, it can be anything and that is what makes to so hard to determine why zombies are so intriguing. One of the points mentioned earlier was that we have a carving for bloodshed and that is why zombies are so popular. Although I agree that people do enjoy bloody gory violence I also think that this is not one of the main causes.

Two of the popular zombie films/shows right now are AMC’s Walking Dead series and Warm Bodies, a movie coming to theaters February 1st 2013, neither one of these have a large about of blood or gore. In the Walking Dead, the survivors refrain from using guns or having an interaction with the infected. Guns are rarely used because noise attracts the attention of the living dead. Warm Bodies as far as I have seen from the trailer and my knowledge from the book, will not have much if any gore and violence, because it is about how love can cure anything.

Even though there are moves without the violence I do still agree that violence does play a rule in why we are intrigued by zombies. This is why zombie video games and zombie physical games are so successful. The physical games I am talking about manly take place on college campuses. College students nerds and jocks alike will come together to have a weeklong Nerf war between the zombie team and the human team. Although there is no “violence” involved in this, it is still a simulation of a zombie apocalypse where you have to shoot zombies to get away from them, the game has a kind of indirect violence.

Overall, I would say that zombies are fascinating for many different reasons but, I believe that one of the main reasons is that people have this never ending desire to explore the things we don’t understand. It is also said that they are a distraction from the things going on in society. AMC’s the Walking Dead and Warm bodies prove wrong the theory that we are obsessed with violence and that is why we are obsessed with zombies and their gory violent movies. I assume that since we are already familiar with zombies we need to create new images of them in our heads in order to keep us interested in the zombie craze.